Europe 1964

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We drove across Sweden from Norway, spending the night in Karlstad. We really enjoyed Stockholm but were surprised that such clean people were so mean with the bathrooms. There were many parts of the continent where we had to pay to have a bath, or where the only bath in the establishment was on another floor, but Stockholm was one of the few places where there was NO bath in the hotel!

And here once again we had heart-stopping moments with our coach driver! In Sweden they then drove on the left - they changed to the right the next year I think. But of course our friend the Belgian driver found it impossible to remember to drive on the left ALL the time...... we had some pretty close shaves!

A typical rural Swedish scene.

We watched the changing o the guard at the Palace in Stockholm, and were a bit startled to see that the guardsmen had on grey plastic macs in the rain!

Driving south we spent the night in Varnamo. We then crossed to Copenhagen, and after that visit returned to England.