My China Collection

Here are some photos of china in my collection. The first ones are Spode.

Blue transfer-printed plate

Spode's transfer-printed wares were of wonderful quality. This plate was made in about 1815, and has obviously been well used - it is discoloured and the glaze is crazed, but it is still a beautiful thing!

Spode's stone china

This plate from approximately the same time was made of what Spode called stone china, which was much stronger than earthenware but not as fine as bone china.

A little dish

I found this little bowl in an antique shop in Lavenham, Suffolk... it is also stone china, and dates from 1813.....

Pair of plates

This pair of Spode plates was made in about 1825 and I bought them at an antique fair in Woodbridge.

Felspar teabowl

Here is a lovely Spode tea bowl, dating from the turn of the nineteenth century. The Chinese had no handles to their cups, and the English started off by copying this habit. By the 1800s this would have been a rare piece. By now handles were common and saucers were deep.

Cup, London shape

This large breakfast cup in bone china illustrates the deep saucer. The shape is called London, and the handle is one of Spode's most distinctive. Its date is about 1813.

Bute-shaped cup

This Spode bute shaped cup is of early bone china - it dates from 1800 or earlier. Note the deep saucer, out of which it was customary to drink.

Part of a set of twelve

This is part of a glorious set of handpainted and richly gilded cups and saucers. I have the complete set of 12 tea cups, 12 coffee cans and 12 saucers (the saucers are common to both shapes of cup.) Read on another page the story of my acquiring this treasure. Date is about 1809.

Copeland plate

In 1833 the Spode era ended and the factory changed its name. Spode's partner took over the factory, and its marks were variously Copeland Spode, Copeland and Garret or simply Copeland. This plate dates from the 1840s.

The pieces that follow are from various other manufacturers.
Derby coffee cup

A delightful little Derby coffee cup 1873-1882.

Derby teacup

A tea cup in typical Derby colours and pattern. This cup and saucer is interesting because although they match they were made in different years! Derby was one of the manufacturers who used "year marks" on some pieces and one can date these very accurately. The cup was made the year after the saucer - 1887.. perhaps the original cup broke and the owner bought a replacement!

Derby plate from about 1800

This is one of the oldest pieces in my collection - dated 1782 - 1800. It is a richly gilded plate from a dinner service. Derby's quality at that time was excellent

A Derby cake plate

A pretty Derby cake plate which was made in about 1872.

Barr Flight and Barr cup and saucer

A Worcester cup from the Bar Flight and Bar period - 1792 - 1807.

Worcester plate

This Worcester plate uses hand painting over transfer printing. It's date mark is 1874.

Minton Comport

And this is the Minton comport which came from my great grandmother, and started my interest!.