My parents were both born in South Africa. My maternal grandfather was a doctor from Glasgow who had come to South Africa during the Boer War, and stayed to make it his home, where my grandmother came from Aberdeen to join him. My paternal grandfather came from what is now Northern Ireland, and met and married my grandmother in South Africa. You may see our Family History here.

Here are three generations of little girls. Granny Wells, my mother, and myself!

My mother was brought up in Cape Town, and led a busy urban life until she met and married my father and went to live in very primitive conditions on a farm a long way from civilisation.

My parents, Pat and Shirley Sinclair, were married in Cape Town in 1937, and went to live in Melsetter in Southern Rhodesia, where my father was farming.

It was a very tough life for my mother, who was used to a gentler life, travel, night life and varied cultural activities. But she did not complain and they had a happy, fulfilling life together.

Both Mum and Dad were active in the community, and loved and valued members of it. Dad died in 1989, and Mum in 1996,

They had four children, James, Barbara, Ann and Gavin

It was a very happy life, growing up on the farm. Because of distances we had to go away to boarding school, but holidays were good times when the family was together.
In this picture, the order is Jim, Ann, Gavin, Barbara
Here we are as young people. Jim became a farmer, and still lives in Zimbabwe with his wife, children and grandchildren. Ann became a teacher and she and her husband now live in Suffolk in England. Gavin also became a teacher, and he is headmaster of a school in South Africa. He and his wife have three grown up children.

Here is my family in Australia.

My sons Jonathan and Adam and my husband Paul.

I hope you have enjoyed my first effort at making a home page. It has been great fun to do.

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