Map of Lord Howe Island

Here are the rest of Jono's photos. For those of us interested in people and buildings - sorry! This young man is a biologist and environmentalist and it did not occur to him to photograph those!

He went for long walks and climbs and these are his pictures.

Mount Lidgbird and Mount Gower

The view from the Goat House

Millennium Dawn

These are general views...

Red-Tailed Tropicbird
Yes that red streak is a feather!

Jono did not only climb the mountains - he explored the rainforest. These are his pictures:



In the Forest.

The return trip took a shorter time and we were very relieved to have him safely home. When I confronted him with an article saying (a) it was too dangerous to try this journey after October, because of the likelihood of cyclones, and (b) only experienced sailors should ever attempt it, he admitted he was aware of all that.... I accept that I cannot stop him; so now I wait and see what the next adventure will be.