As relaxing as this is, I think we should get out of this place - maybe only to Platypus lookout camping area 4 km away - that'll leave us with just half a day's easy ride into basecamp tomorrow. And I have to start testing out my lure sometime too!

Downfall Creek
Thursday night

Aah, relaxed again! The fire's going with a pile of wood for later, the water bottles are full, Nugget and Sarah are happy behind their little fence. Packing up camp is often a dreaded chore in the mornings, but like so many things it only seems difficult or tedious before the event.

I set the fishing lines baited with worms - no chance to use my lure in these snagged waters. I'm actually quite a big hike from the lake - due mainly to its low level. Both Platypus Rock and the official site for Downfall Creek were quite pleasant with a all the facilities (water, fireplaces, toilets) but the caravanners and the $2/person (does that include horses?) charge kept me going - this spot is very good.. .on a logging track (restricted access - no motorised vehicles allowed...we passed!) down to the lake.

I'm camped in the forest, a closed, rainforest feeling, yet only metres away is the open grass and weed field stretching down to the lake. I had to rig up free standing devices to hold up the fence since there were no trees at all... the only drawback as far as Nugget and. Sarah go is that they will both be covered with burrs tomorrow. Oh well, I'll have time to pick them all out. I'm getting quite adept at it actually! Anyway, I must go and check my fishing lines.

Fongon Bay

I've arrived! The basecamp site is in sight, but frustratingly, no horses are permitted in the reserve (that would include Downfall Creek last night) so we have been wandering around trying to find a decent site to stay tonight - and found a nice area beside the lake on the other side of the bay - it might be where Nugget and Sarah end up staying for the whole time... but the real frustration was that I was hoping to leave the horses and hitch into Mareeba for the Mardi Gras tonight, and rodeo tomorrow - I still will go in tomorrow, I think, but it's too late and Nugget and Sarah are too insecure where they are to leave tonight.

Up until a few minutes ago I was very disappointed, thinking I wouldn't be able to stay at all - but I've made a plan. I can fence off a piece of land next to the lake. I am sure they will never go into the forest because there is no feed there.

Fongon Bay
Sunday am 17th July

My mind is still reeling from last night's events and realisations. I am hanging on desperate hope that my worst fears aren't real. I must detach myself and try to recount yesterday's experience......