The Queen Elizabeth 2

The QE2 is an enormous ship and it took ages to find my way about.
Ticket and baggage label
I had to carry my little map wherever I went at first, and even that was not fool-proof; depending on which lift I had gone up or down in, and which way I was facing as I left the lift... not to mention which deck I was on... I kept getting dreadfully muddled.  One thing that was very frustrating was to find something interesting and then be unable to find it again for DAYS, in spite of thorough searching.  One such thing was the enormous jigsaw that is set out for people to do when they feel like it - I lost that for about a week!
We walk miles and miles every day to get about on the ship - must be very good for the figure!
I had opted to share  a cabin, in order to save money, and my companion was a game old lady who was determined to join in everything.  We were seated at a table for six in the dining room - our fellow diners were very pleasant indeed and we got to know them well.  One of them was one of the "hosts" that Cunard employs to escort, dance with, and generally look after ladies travelling on their own. The Captain's Cocktail Party They are extremely nice men and they have their job cut out - of the 1500 passengers, I would guess that well over half of them were ladies travelling alone!  It is actually the ideal holiday for a woman on her own - there is dressing for dinner, eating out, films to see, dancing, shows, tours ashore, good company and lots to do, and you do not need to worry about transport of traffic or dark alleys or lonely hotel rooms, and you can unpack and hang your clothes up for over two weeks!
With Vi
Bridge Certificate
There is a great deal to do aboard and every day seems filled to the brim. I played bridge every afternoon - there was also chess, scrabble. backgammon, canasta .... every day there were lectures and lessons on various things.  On board we had an eminent archaeologist, a psychologist and the BBC's Court Reporter, Jenny Bond, and BBC broadcaster, Peter Sissons. all of whom gave very interesting talks.  There were films, there was music of every time.
The jazz band played nightly in one area, classical pianist elsewhere....then of course all sorts of games, and the swimming pool. And wonderful shows in the evenings; really very professional and well done.
We had newspapers delivered to our cabins every morning. There is an excellent library (not that there is much time for reading but it is nice to have a book in one's hand as one falls asleep!)  In the library they ran quizzes and had daily crosswords.  Then of course the casino - I never patronised it but some people spent a lot of time (and money?) there!  One place I did sneak into fairly often was the computer room!  This was in the days before I became an internet addict and I simply played games there - there were daily lectures on the internet which I should have attended - but I did not know I would be interested!

Around the pool
The range of shops quite bowls you over - lots of little boutiques filled with EXPENSIVE goods..... jewellery, perfumes, clothes.  Then there is a little general shop where one can buy aspirins or peppermints or postcards.  And then there is Cunard's souvenir shop - almost anything in the world can have the QE2 logo on it  (In fact as I type this I am in my QE2 track suit!) and things range from pencils and bookmarks through baseball caps and towelling robes to Wedgwood and Stewart crystal - a huge selection.
Daily papers
Wedgwood souvenir

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