Mozambique 1970


Hey man! It's bullfight time in Vila Peri. Let's go and sort out those Porks. The Mk II Zephyr is loaded with all the dop that:

a) will fit in the boot
b)we have got the collective bucks to buy

With rear bumper almost touching the road Vila Peri here we come. Six up in the Zephyr as it has a bench seat in front.Taking tirns to dop whilst the other oke drives. Vila Peri in 4 hours. Hey man we are legends.Turn right at the huge traffic circle, take the road out of town to Beira, quick right into the showgrounds, stop at the bullring. Just in time the first bullfight is about to start. Here comes the bull. 300 drunken Rhodies, including me & my mates in the ring. The bull hasn't got a chance. 50 tackles, 20 okes hanging on the horns, the rest trying to ride it. Bull capitulates and lies down to tumultuous applause from the Porks. Sure a few okes are damaged, but then, thats part of the appeal. Next bull same treatment, and again, and again.Rhodie numbers are getting less & less as a few okes get taken out by the bull. Applause not quite as exhuberant. by the time the last bull appears the applause is non existent, in fact a few cheeky Porks are being downright threatening. Pork cops appear, a few arrests are made. the odd Pork jumps into the ring to remonstrate and gets sorted, hard.Back to Salisbury, which for some reason is now 6 hours away. Man did we sort out those Pork bulls!