Trade Fair, Bulawayo

By Derek

One of my favourite childhood memories is of going to the Trade Fair in Bulawayo during the April school holidays. The fair spire looked so big as you arrived (mainly because we were so small).

We used to run from pavilion to pavilion wearing those over-sized push out cardboard caps, collecting pamphlets in a plastic Monarch bag that would only be thrown away when we got home.

We always used to dip our fingers in and taste that disgusting black liquid in the coke fountain to see if it was real coke, which it obviously wasn't (you'd think we'd learn from one year to the next, but no).

Who can forget the line-up at lunchtime for a hot dog by the Tony Elman-Brown Hall, the toffee apples, and watching the parachutes land in the arena. The highlight was always Luna Park which also seemed so big and exciting at the time.

I loved staying until closing time so we could ride the roller coaster and octopus in the dark when all the coloured lights were on.