A little arrow points to the link on mouseover.
Bold Links
On mouseover the link turns bold.
Descriptive Links
On mouseover, a neat description of the content pops up.
A neat menu which floats as you scroll down.
Flying Links
Links that "fly" round your picture, logo or text.
Form Buttons
Coloured "buttons" which are simply created by making a form.
Highlight your links on mouseover.
Light up links
Have links of many colours, changing on mouseover.
Links between lines
On mouseover, a line appears above the link to match that below...
As you hover over a link, its title or description appears below.
Menu in form
A "stack" of form menus, for when you want LOTS of links.
No underline
This is the script to use if you do not want your links underlined.
Popup menus
Pretty complicated code - I have left it as is for you to figure out.
Wow! When you want someone to sit up and take notice, use this!
Rollover Buttons
This is a lovely easy script for rollover buttons.
Colour links roll
The links change colour on mouseover.
Side Float
Another menu which floats down the side as you scroll.
An unusual menu which hides until you want it - then slides out!
The pictures change as you mouseover the link buttons.
Balloon Links
A very simple way to add a descriptive tag - hover over the link.
Link Colours
Change the colours of your links.
Pretend Rollovers
Buttons that roll over, but they are not buttons at all!.
Hidden Index
No sign of any navigation until you right click the background!.
Back to the main index.