Emboss effects
See what effects you can get - embossing and shadows.
Rainbow Text
Pretty rainbow colours...
Enlarge the Text
When your cursor hovers over the text, it enlarges.
The text blinks through an array of different colours.
Text drop
The text drops into place when you open the page.
Expanding text
The text grows bigger - seems to come towards you.
Text colourchange
One at a time, the text letters change colour.
Changing headlines on a button.
Drunken text
The words expand and contract in dizzying drunkenness!.
News Scroller
A neat box where text, pictures and links scroll up.
Leaping text
Here the text bounces up and down!.
Text animator
Phrases rise up and fade from sight.
Type compliments
Type what you think of a person, and see what happens!
Realtime Typing
Watch the story develop right before your eyes..
Words that Fly
The headline words fly in dramatically.
Highlight text
Make a word or phrase stand out by highlighting it.
Position Text
Place your text (and images) exactly where you want on the page.
Image bullets
Use images to punctuate your lists.
Dropped Caps
Make the first letter of each paragraph stand out.
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