~ ensuring the safety, security and comfort of yourself, your computer and your correspondents ~
It is a jungle out there, and there are many traps for the unwary.  Here I have set out some simple rules for moving around the internet and using email without causing problems for yourself or others.
This section contains items about....
Respecting other people's time and bandwidth
Never giving your userID or password
Never sending chain letters
Never assuming that your E-mail can be read by no one except yourself
Being professional and careful what you say
Doing business online with your credit cards...
Always being aware of basic privacy issues
Being aware that people are not always who they say
Hoax virus alarms
Silly rumours, chain letters, petitions, or promises of riches
This section contains items about....
Using meaningful subject lines
Not typing With ALL CAPS
Quoting select parts Of a previous e-mail
Not sending spam
Not passing around chain letters
Don't Use Excessive Signature Files
This section contains items about....
Virus protection
Facts about computer viruses
How to protect yourself
Receiving attachments
Message rules
Web based email
This section contains items about....
Sending attachments
File extensions
Never sending executable files
Never sending a large file without permission
Deleting others' email addresses
Cleaning up the >>>>>>
Using BCC
This section contains items about....
Avoiding the use of ALL CAPS
Deciding what tone the conversation has before posting
Not "flooding" the chatroom
Not flirting with everyone in the chatroom
Being nice to newbies

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