My Treasures

We often come across little treasures on the internet - applications that make our lives easier online, that help keep our computer running sweetly or help keep our data secure.  And we might even find some amusing games to while away the odd quiet hour!  I decided to gather my favourites together and share them with my friends.  Some of these things are obvious and many people already have them, but I hope you will find a gem or two in here that is new to you, and just what you need!
I use most of these applications regularly and really would not be happy without them.    And every one of them is free (except for the anti-virus software I recommend) - but not everything's worth can be measured in money. 
I have tried to divide everything into categories, although some categories do overlap, so browse away.... I have placed a link for each one's download page.  Please do realise that I cannot guarantee that these will work on your computer, or that they will not cause any problems.  All I can say is that they work well for me.     Many free programs have undesirable "spyware" features (Gator and Custom Cursor are among these.)     I avoid anything like that.

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