Europe 1964

On each page, you can click on the postcards to read
them, and on my photographs to see a larger image.

We had a quick breather in London, just enough time to go to the laundrette, read our mail, and repack, and then we were off to Scandinavia!

We crossed the Channel, joined our coach in Ostend, and drove to Amsterdam for the first night. The second night we spent in Hamburg, where we were amazed at the nightlife... spent the evening at the Zillertal.

The scrawled name and address of
a young man I met that evening.
Judy actually went back and
married her young German!

We loved the neat, intensely cultivated fields of Denmark. We spent a night in Aarhus, and next day travelled to Frederikshaven where we boarded the luxury vessel Princessan Christina for the crossing to Goteborg in Sweden. After Norway and Sweden we came back to Denmark but I have decided to keep the two Danish bits together - so on the next page we will go to Copenhagen.