Europe 1964

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I went by train from London to Algeciras (the port for Gibraltar), breaking my journey in Paris and Madrid. In Paris I went to the Louvre, which I had missed on the previous visit. It was early December and when I came out of the Museum I found it was snowing! This was the first snow I had ever touched - most exciting!

Train ticket.
I had an adventure on the train. The train was full and a gendarme rescued me on the platform in Paris and placed me in a 1st class compartment.My companions were three Moroccans of whom I was very wary to start with, but they were very good to me and looked after me all the way to Madrid.

My hotel in Madrid - cheap and cheerful. It was quite funny when I went on an evening tour and at the end the driver asked which hotels he should deliver us to. The others (mainly American) told him The Ritz, The Hilton, and I had to say "San Antonio de la Florida"! Huh? he had never heard of it!

I enjoyed the treasures in the Prado.

My day at Toledo was most interesting. It is a very attractive town, with an interesting history.

I left Madrid to continue my train journey to Algeciras. I met an American in Madrid who recommended that I stay at the Reina Cristina Hotel in Algeciras. It was a beautiful, elegant hotel set in a lovely garden, and looked horribly expensive to me. But Spain was marvellously cheap then. I had my coat cleaned within the hotel, and my hair done, and including both these, my bill for bed and breakfast was 30/- ...