Europe 1964

On each page, you can click on the postcards to read
them, and on my photographs to see a larger image.
We visited a clogmakers and saw clogs
being made by hand - here they are hanging
out to dry.
This photo and the next were taken in the
picturesque town of Volendam, where some
women still wore national costume.
I particularly enjoyed the visit to the Rijksmuseum, and a drive to Volendam, a fishing village on the Zuider Zee. As we drove along we were singing - strange how certain tunes bring back particular memories. We were singing "Michael row your boat ashore" when we came upon a crowd of very distressed people - a little boy had fallen off the dyke and drowned.

That evening we went for a boat trip along the canals, and were interested that scantily-clad women would have their curtains open, lights on. I was very naive, as I mentioned before!