Europe 1964

On each page, you can click on the postcards to read
them, and on my photographs to see a larger image.

Coachload of us just after we arrived in
Germany. In the centre is Barnie
Viljoen, our courier (guess where he
was from!)

On the way down the Rhine we
stopped at the Lorelei Rock,
where sirens entice sailors to
their death, This is me
drinking a love potion at the rock...

We had a boat trip on the Rhine, from
Koblenz to Heidelberg. I am in the
back row, sitting down next to the
chap in the red hat.
The highlight of our stay in Germany was the boat trip down the Rhine. It was a glorious day, and I was thrilled to see fairytale castles and vineyards on the hillsides. In Heidelberg we spent an evening at the Rode Ochse, a little. crammed, low-ceilinged pub, which was the setting for the drinking song in "The Student Prince." From Heidelberg we went to Munich. There we went to one of their enormous beer halls (The Hofbrauhaus where Hitler made one of his early speeches)....and drank from those large steins that the frauleins carry so effortlessly. It was a very merry party with much singing and swaying. And it was in Munich that I first met a duvet - not something we were familiar with in the sixties! In my diary I said "no blankets, only an eiderdown not tucked in, and FAR too warm"!