At first I stayed in little hotels near the Plaka area, and loved exploring the little streets.

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The first job I was offered was by the Embiricos family - very wealthy shipowners, in the same category as Onassis and Niarchos (the South African Ambassador put me in touch with them) .... it looked rather exciting until I heard the details of my duties and the fact that my time off was "the occasional Sunday if you give us good notice so that we can make alternative arrangements...."
Then luckily through a friend of a friend I heard about the Geordiadis family, came to work for them, and really enjoyed my time with them.  I cared for their two little boys, Alexander and Ari, living with them and their maid, Athanassia. I was very happy there; I had a bedsitter and bathroom with separate entrance, my duties entailed talking English to the children (no hardship!) at all times, and I had lots of free time to do tourist things.

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