The Acropolis
In my time off - two afternoons a week and every weekend - I explored Athens and made several excursions to interesting places. I will tell you about these in the "Travels" section. Athens itself was most interesting.
Buying koulourakia
One could buy delicious koulourakia (circles of bread)from street stalls.
Lottery ticket seller
Every day the lottery man was there with his tickets fluttering on their pole.

Sponge seller at the acropolis
At the entrance to the acropolis this man sat with his sponges for sale.

I was fascinated at all the new sights - a peripteron (kiosk on the pavement) on every corner selling everything you could possibly need... the crazy taxi drivers jostling for position, the different sounds and signs, and so much writing to puzzle about! I was so pleased with myself that first week to be able to work out what this notice said:

There is no J, no hard B, and no hard D in Greek so they put two other letters together to make the sound - TZ is J, NT is D, MP is B. So what the notice says is - James Bond, Brigitte Bardot, Donald Duck!!!

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