Click on the appropriate place name to see the panel embroidered by the women of that area, or use the browse button at the foot of each page to browse the panels.

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Karoi Umvukwes Sinoia Jumbo Bindura Shamva Mazoe Darwendale Salisbury (National Committee) Mtoko Salisbury Bromley/Melfort Marandellas Headlands Rusape Penhalonga Umtali Umtali2 Melsetter Meyrick Park/Mabelreign Norton Hatfield Gatooma Enkeldoorn and Waterfalls Gwelo Selukwe Inyati Nyamandhlovu Glenville/Richmond Mashaba Hillside Bulawayo Shabani Plumtree Matopos Marula Essexvale/Balla Balla Filabusi Shangani/Somabula/Daisyfield Fort Victoria Fort Victoria2 Gwanda and Colleen Bawn


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