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and interesting historical photographs.

The Story of Melsetter

The people, places and history of one lovely area in Rhodesia, written by a lady who lived there for forty years and actually did some of the stitching in the Melsetter tapestry.

Rhodesian placenames #1   and  Rhodesian placenames #2

Two personal collections of placenames,excerpts taken from "Avondale to Zimbabwe", written and published by R. Cherer Smith.

David Livingstone

David Livingstone, missionary travels, an online text project of the University of Botswana History Department.

Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes, his political life and speeches, 1881 to 1900.

British South Africa Company Reports

Reports on the native disturbances in Rhodesia, 1896 - 97.

Southern Rhodesia - history

A history of the country, illustrated with the different flags flown in successive eras. The history continues beyond the Rhodesia era, into present-day Zimbabwe.

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Victoria Falls

First photographs ever taken of the Victoria Falls.

Mazoe Royal Mail Coach

An undated photograph of the Mazoe Royal Mail Coach.

Zambesia Mail and Passenger Coach

The first run of the Zambesia Mail and Passenger Coach between Salisbury and Umtali.


Bulawayo, a photograph taken in the 1890s. More information about this building has been sent me:
The photo of Bulawayo is a picture of one of the most beautiful buildings in the country. The original name of the building was Willoughby House, then African Associated Mines either bought it or rented it and changed the name to Asbestos House. When they left it was renamed Douslin House, after the architect who designed it.

The "broekie lace" on the exterior is wonderful, but inside was lovely too. As you went in through the front entrance you were faced with a huge hall dominated by a central wide sweeping staircase which reminded me of a stately home. I always felt my back stiffen and my deportment improve as I visualised elegant crinolined ball gowned ladies and their escorts parading down those stairs. All very "Gone with the Wind"!!! Off the hall was a maze of smaller rooms. The floors were uncared for strip wood planks, which clattered and echoed unless you wore rubber soled "flatties".

It has had a varied history... In 1980 it was taken over by (? the state?), earmarked as the 2nd national art gallery, and left to deteriorate while fundraising staggered on and committees talked, and costs and quotes escalated. Finally it underwent major renovation and restoration and the internal layout was altered and it opened as intended.


Historical photos of Umtali, from 1899 to 1965.

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