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Playing bridge is one of my enthusiasms, and I play duplicate bridge regularly three times a week, enjoying the challenge and the warm friendships I have formed as a member of Toowong Bridge Club.                              


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I have always enjoyed reading, especially non-fiction.  Other lives, other times and other places have always interested me, and I can lose myself in someone else's diaries or memoirs, or the biography of an interesting person.  My mother wrote a book about the history of our district - this is the cover, on which there is a photograph of the tapestry done by the members of the local Women's Institute, illustrating Melsetter's early settlement.  




collecting china

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While still in Rhodesia I started collecting pieces of pottery and porcelain.  Over the years I learnt more about the subject, and gradually refined my collection, which is now exclusively English, with nothing more modern than 1890.  I have some lovely pieces of Derby, Worcester and Minton, but specialise in Spode, pre-1830.                                      


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For many years I have enjoyed doing needlework and handwork of all kinds - counted thread work, tapestry, crochet and other hand-crafts.  Nowadays I do not do as much, as I have acquired a very demanding new interest, details of which follow....!!!!


            the internet

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 This has become a very important part of my life.  Through the internet I have learnt a lot,  and had a lot of fun, I have caught up with old friends and made new ones.  These  friendships are very special and I treasure them.  One of the happiest of my new  friendships is the one with Deb and Lyle McLean in Ontario.  You would not be reading  this without Lyle!  He has been my guru, answering all my dumb questions with patience,  common-sense and expertise.  


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