I have collected various scripts from all over the internet, and have found many of them to be useful. I thought I would share them with my friends!

Most pages start with the code to eliminate the dotted line round links. The next code is for the link colours. Then one for the colours of the scrollbars.(Sometimes these codes are omitted because they conflict with what is on the page.) The code for that page's effects will be next, either in the head or the body, or both, and sometimes with an instruction within the body tag. Contact me if you need help

Text that scrolls - side to side and up and down!
Menu Scripts
Various ways of organising your links.
Pop up windows of all kinds, and a clever substitute for popups.
Moving objects
Objects that move on the page ...
Words or images that trail behind your cursor.
Image Effects
Images that do things - scroll, enlarge, toggle...
Clocks and Calculators
Clocks and calendars - and a calculator.
Text Effects
Text that moves, changes colour or size.
Background Effects
All sorts of interesting background effects.
Web Page Tools
Passwords, scripts to protect your images and your text.
Status Bar
Ways to have messages on your status bar.
Games to play, tricks and treats!