There are lots and lots of fun, time-wasting sites on the internet!  Here are a few to start you off.
First, webcams - cameras which are on all the time, so you can see what is going on NOW..... there are hundreds of them.  Here are two sites with links to many of them:
Camcentral  - webcams....wildlife, sydney harbour, sights of the world,
WOW - world of webcams  - more webcams all over the world
Then here are some more amusing places to go:
Eakles - lots of music, jokes, links and fun things for you to see and do -  you can waste days in here .... sometimes you have to delve a bit to find something that amuses YOU, but there is lots to choose from
Oh My Goodness - these are really greeting cards, but many are witty (some are rude) - and on the whole they are amusing.
Easter Egg Archive - amusing tidbits that creators hid in their creations. They could be in computer software, movies, music, art, books, or even your watch. There are thousands of them, and they can be quite entertaining, if you know where to look
Sandlot science  - an interactive guide to optical illusions...
Jigzone  - do a jigsaw puzzle online
Fun Trivia  - the worlds largest trivia site
Sodaplay - constructor,  a glorious time-waster!  brain games, puzzles and pastimes
Games (multiplayer online)
MSN Gaming Zone - you can play several card and board games (Ants, Backgammon, Bridge, Checkers, Chess, Cribbage, Euchre, Go, Hearts, Reversi, Spades, and Trivia) with others on the 'net for free (the "others" can be friends, family, or total strangers - it's up to you). This site requires a Java-enabled browser. However, if you really enjoy playing card or board games, but can't always find willing players (or players at your skill level), you may want to check out this site.

Yahoo Games offers many different online games for you to play. Have a look.