There are many search engines.... these are the places to go when you want to find anything; just type what you want in the little text box, and hit the search button. You can find information, tutorials, maps, software to download, the words of that song you cannot remember ....
If you would like more tips about how to search there are two articles on my Computer Help Site.
GOOGLE - I recommend this one for general everyday use ... the search is quick and amazingly accurate.
Other good general search engines are:

FAST and

Then for specific searches these are the ones I find best:
Findtutorials to look for tutorials on all sorts of subjects.
Urban Legends to check up if an email warning you received is a hoax.
To find music content there are also specialised music search engines.
Music Search or for mp3s or

Musicrobot to search for midis .

Find Sounds is a great little site where you can search for sounds of all types - different animal noises, rifle shots, police sirens, applause, laughter.....
Soft Crawler is good if you are looking for freeware and shareware to download, or you can go direct to one of the Download sites I have listed.
There is also a search engine to find the best search engine for your needs!