Directory Assistance
WhoWhere - a leading communications guide enabling people and businesses worldwide to find, connect and collaborate with each other by providing directories of email addresses, phone numbers and addresses, free Web based email and much more.
WhoWhere International Directory Links - links to online telephone directories in many countries around the world.
Altavista's Worldpages - US yellow pages search
GoEureka - to find email and web addresses, with specialised search for different countries.  (For example, to find web and email addresses of backpackers' hostels in a certain town.)
Language Translation

Many sites use the BabelFish translation software. You type plain text, or the address (URL) of a Web page into the text box, and the service will try to translate it for you. You can translate to or from English, from or to any of these languages: French, German, Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese. Just remember that these translations are more or less approximate! Go here:

 HotBraille - the only Web-based Braille transcribing service. Send letters (translated into Braille) in the mail to anyone in the world for free.
T-Mail - send an email to your friend in France, with a copy to this service - they translate to French and send your friend the translation.

POP3Checker - check your existing POP e-mail account from anywhere in the world.
And of course you can have any number of other email addresses from one of the free providers like Hotmail or Yahoo or try out this fabulous service....
Spam Blocking and Reporting

Please note: When using spam-blocking services, there is always a chance that legitimate mail will be lost. At very least, it adds an additional potential point of failure (mail loss) between you and your ISP. So if your e-mail is very important to you (for example, you use it in your business) you may wish to use some other, more reliable method of dealing with spam.

BrightMail - a spam blocking service that is offered free to individual home e-mail users. - This spam blocking service is a little more difficult to set up than BrightMail, but once you set it up, there is absolutely no way a typical spammer can get their bulk e-mail through to you (unless you let them). One nice feature is that you can set up spam-free mailboxes for your children, with a password feature that allows only you to review any messages that have come in from unauthorized sources (details here).
SpamCop - a service that makes it easy to send an effective complaint about spam. The basic spam reporting service is free, although they do try to get you to sign up for a membership (at a fee), which gives you additional spam blocking capabilities.
Fax Sending and Receiving

When you need to communicate with people who are not on the 'net, you can send them a FAX for free! Also, with some of these services, you can receive a FAX anyplace you can receive e-mail, and your FAX number stays the same no matter where you are. Note that with a few FAX receiving services, your callers may have to enter an extension code after dialing your Fax number, and many Fax callers will have difficulty with this, so we suggest using a service that gives you your own personal phone number that is not "shared" with other users.

Fax/Email services - a page of links to services that let you send a free fax, receive a free fax in your email, email a fax, etc.
HotCorp Web-To-Fax Services - It's easy, it's convenient, it's free! Now you can send fax messages directly from a webpage to the fax machines in these countries: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and USA. Free registration required.
Instant Messaging
ICQ - see when your friends are online, easily send them instant messages, web page addresses, files, etc. or hold real-time chats. There are other instant messaging software packages out there - you can try MSN's or Yahoo's.
Greeting Cards
There are many good sites from which to send cards....far too many to list here. Card Lady has an extensive list of them, covering every eventuality! This is really the only site you need because everything is here.
Mailing Lists (E-Mail)
Here are just two of the many websites specialising in email lists.  You can either set up your own list - eg for ex-pupils of your school so they can all keep in touch - or you can enjoy an existing list  which covers a subject of interest to you - browse and see what they have on offer - anything from dicussing Latin declensions to knitting patterns!