There is a great deal of useful information on the internet. These are just a few useful sites - use a search engine to find the other information you need.
Libraryspot - libraries, maps, encyclopaedias, quotations, acronyms, poetry  masses of information of all kinds, and links to many more very useful sites.
Online Newspapers - this is an EXCELLENT site, where you can choose from 10,000 newspapers! Simply nominate which country you want and you will then have a choice of papers from that country.
Paperboy - as well as links to scores of newspapers, this site has very useful and simple links to all the major online news services like the BBC, CNN, ABC,  and you can listen to those Radio News Services too.  So although all these have their own web sites, it may be easier simply to use this one and pick the one you want from here.
Maps and the world in general

World Time Zone Map - a useful and interesting site.
Multimap - the leading site for maps and travel directions on the web. Multimap provides free access to:
  • Street maps and travel directions for the UK and Europe
  • Detailed maps of the world
  • Aerial photos of London and other cities in Great Britain
  • An interactive London tube map
  • Local information to complement our UK and European maps
  • Links with web cams around the UK
  • Maps and travel directions on WAP, and soon on PDAs
  • A full range of mapping services for businesses
seismic monitor A fascinating site where you can find out all about seismic activity, including any current events.
The Astronomy Picture of the Day - breathtaking pictures, part of a very interesting site (NASA).
Medical and health information

there are lots of wonderful resources...some searchable, some interactive.... here are some of the best....
Prescription Drugs  - information on more than 4,500 popular drugs written in plain English
Merck ....The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
Alternative Medicine - portal, gateway to information on alternative medicine, lots of links.
Legal Matters - a specialized search engine that gives you access to thousands of free legal forms and documents in many categories. Find form contracts, agreements, letters, pleadings, court forms and more. - a comprehensive site for FREE legal advice and law information. Find answers to legal questions or search their Attorney Pages Directory for a local attorney to help you.
Law Links - fantastic links to sites in many many countries
Law Guru - Find FREE Answers to your Legal Questions. You can search previously posted questions and answers and/or ask your own free questions on the bulletin board

Law-info - free legal forms and lots of information.
Some other sites which you will find useful
You Get Heard - the place to file a complaint about any company: this website publicises the complaint and contacts the company on your behalf.
Hints and Tips - look up hints and tips about EVERTYHING.
How Stuff Works - a very interesting site where you can find out how things work - have a look!
Investopedia - information about online investing, everything you want to know.
Currency Converter - convert any currency to any other - daily adjustments.