There are lots of places to go on the internet when you need help.  People are amazingly willing to spend a lot of time and effort solving your problems or finding something for you.  I have listed here some of these helpful places
I must start with what I consider to be the most useful site on the internet:  This is a huge site covering a vast number of subjects, and each subject has a real live expert whom you can email or you can put a message on one of their message boards.
Others are: - ask a live expert anything - you choose the right expert to answer your query.
tech24 - free live computer help - if you have a problem a techie will help you to solve it.
The Grammar Lady - help with grammar queries.
Ask a Librarian - (a UK site) ask anything factual - and they promise an email answer within 2 working days>
America's Doctor - where you can put your questions to a doctor and get answers...
The Mayo Clinic   - ask more doctors here...
For your scientific questions you can go to
And if you need help with maths....
Dr Math  is the place to go!

One last suggestion of a helpful site - you can do an online virus scan at 
Housecall , to make sure your anti-virus software is doing its job.